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Let's Get Candid


Get ready to eavesdrop on some seriously juicy conversations in Let's Get Candid, the sassiest podcast produced by UnboundB2B. We've managed to capture VPs, C-Level executives, thought leaders, and founders at their most unfiltered and unguarded moments.


In this electrifying series, we dive deep into the trendiest topics of the B2B industry, straight from the mouths of the experts themselves. We're talking about everything from demand generation to account-based marketing and even lead generation. These titans of the B2B world share their iconic journeys, dropping knowledge bombs and trading war stories along the way.


Forget the corporate mumbo jumbo and dry business jargon – this podcast is all about keeping it real. We pull back the curtain and get candid about the challenges, triumphs, and secret sauce behind successful B2B marketing. So grab your headphones, settle in, and get ready to hear the unfiltered truth straight from the mouths of the B2B gods.


Let's Get Candid – because there's nothing quite like witnessing a VP drop truth bombs while sipping their morning coffee. Tune in and join the party.